Sun tarot card meaning love

The Sun Tarot card meaning

The Sun card is an unveiling, both of consciousness, reality and physical matter. Positive new growth and fortuitous energies working for your greater good.

The Sun card portends good fortune, happiness, joy and harmony.

In the traditional tarot  cards, The sun card shows a feature of a white horse carrying a naked baby (wearing a crown of flowers) carrying a red banner. The background bares a grey wall which sunflowers blossoming from, cloudless blue skies and a magnificent happy sun shining above.

The child represents a new birth or growth, The red banner revealing the naked self (an unveiling), the white horse a symbol of  an effortless journey, the sun representing brightness and the universe working in your favour.

This is one of the brightest and most fortunate cards in the tarot deck because it encompasses all areas of ones life.

funIf the Sun card comes up in a reading it is telling you that you have the grace of the skies/the universe on your side, that you will be moving through deep wonderful growth and the journey will be one of ease and joy.

Past struggles will disappear as if by magic, new opportunities will emerge with lovely surprise and your world will turn to abundance as if miraculously.

However, the sunflowers represent the blossoming of seeds you have planted over time, the card is saying your success and rewards are not mere miracles, they are born of previous work and efforts; consider it more a transformation into a world that you have worked towards, a recognition of past spiritual, emotional, physical and mental efforts.

In a love tarot card reading the Sun card grants you a wish of love. If you have someone in your life, it affirms a happy joyous connection full of love but more importantly full of FUN.

If you are not in a relationship it suggests that someone is about to offer you their love, someone who will fill your life with delicious, open, honest exciting love.

For career or projects/goals this card signifies a surprise change in fortune. Money will come flowing in and/or a long desired position will be in the offing.

The Sun tarot card meaningOften this card means that you will be offered a new opportunity that appears at first too good to be true. It is asking you to go with it. It is too good, but it is also true.

Overall this card suggest that your health, wealth and life will be full and overflowing with success, love, rewards, goodness and abundance.

Spiritually this card is saying “good on you’ you are traveling on the right path.

You are unveiling your authentic self and the struggles that life brings are passing/have passed.

The guides are with you, the universe has acknowledged your hard work, your efforts and your growth and is about to hand you the nuggets of all that you have desired.

Time to enjoy and soak it up. Make a wish 🙂

warm blessings, Megan


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