Healing art – Brisbane portrait artist

Oil Portraits by infamous artist Brisbane – ‘contemporary likeness with an edge’

portraits Brisbane
The Belly Dancer

Megan Jackson the infamous portrait artists creates self recognising, raw and contemporary portraits with a definitive edge. Megan uses meditation and sound technology to tap into a deeper part of her subject to create a healing of the soul.

The first stage to healing is connecting with the true self – the soul. Healing is holistic, but we can’t acheived it by seeing a practioner alone – we must search deeper and connect first to who we are.” Says Megan

Healing portraits or healing art is an excellent gift to yourself or another. It is something you can keep and adds life and beauty to your home or office space. My portraits offer not only a great art piece but also a connectedness to self and a great healing process.

As a natural healer the process of drawing someone and creating a image brings the artist into a meditative state drawing them into a deeper connection of the subject. The artist, if a natural intuitive/healer can then create healing thoughout the connection. These drawing and paintings are guided by the universal connectedness that we all share. The artist is able to go into the character on a deeper level and send positive healing vibes. The beauty of the person comes through and this is a special element of the healing portraits.

There is no telling how a healing portraits will turn out, the artist begins with a mediation on the artwork and then draws/paints using the elements they are guided towards. Healing portraits are not predesigned. They are guided by spirit and connection.

Portriats Brisbane The portrait artist goes into a deep meditative state and connects with the picture provided, can draw upon the deeper personality of the subject. This is the beauty of healing portraits, they complement the inner self. Once drawn or painted they allow the subject to place them for daily viewing. The subject can then connect with that deeper self each time they look upon thier portraits.


I received the portrait package you did and have placed them in most rooms around the house. It has been incredible. Not only is it a lovely and interesting picture, there has been so many changes in me, starting almost immediately.

I look into the picture each night as you suggested and I have found a warmer connection with myself. More acceptance of who I am and have been able to face some major problems in my life. I attribute this to the healing you put into it.

I cannot explain it but, something happens when I do my meditation on the drawing. Like a vibration changes in me. I feel lighter and more  like with myself. I couldn’t thank you enough for this wonderful gift. You are very talented. – Mel – Sydney

Click here to Order one of Megan’s beautiful portraits

“One of the most beautiful and rewarding parts of doing a healing portrait is seeing the layers evolve. Seeing the undercoat of the ‘person’ and watching that build into the completed ‘person’ Megan


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