King of Cups tarot meaning – surfer

The KiNG of Cups surfs throw the waves of life, no longer washed up and lost, past the stages of youthful individualism and into group understanding and wisdom; fearlessly.

man of cups tarotThe Man of Cups rides the waves openly and masterfully, embracing the reciprocal joy of the open arms of the sea, enduring the challenges of the the different moods and movements of the union with life in its fullest. Courageously, with freedom as its driving force, gliding into the complexity of the whole.

The Man of Cups is a wise character, a knower, a master of feelings and thoughts.

Meaningful words: action, intuition, expression, projection, going forth, manifestation, assertion, drive, ambition. knowing, going with the flow, water, wisdom, group understanding,

The Man of Cups has the ability to balance and find truth in the universe and the human condition. Moving through the density, pushing through the external and reaching a deeper meaning.

The beauty of this is the deeper meaning is love and joy. This man knows love as joy, has passed through the child stages (of faithful and me mentality), the adolescence (individualism), maturing adult (initiation/learning group mentality) Adult (practicing group mentality), and has arrived in the group mentally of allowing love to spread in all its ease and wonder.


She sat in the stillness unable to sift through the meanings, the dualistic feat, it’s a mean feat; the positive and the negatives igniting in a conundrum of potentiality; part particle, part wave, She knew science could never feel. She new words could never explain. She knew she no longer knew. She was left to sit in her heart, excited by the bewilderment. She moved past the unknowing and left the confusion for the confused. She moved towards her true worth, her true love. Knowing she was deserving of adoration, joy, respect, love, nurturing, because she knew she was ready to give it in return,  freely. 

In a love reading this card will be advising that you have met a person who is able to love you in freedom, nurturing and interdependence. They understand the deeper meanings and presence of love and are ready for the union.

Man of CupsIf the card is about yourself, it is suggesting that you are ready to explore the truest and deepest essence of love. It is warning you to be open and free and to be in group mentality. To open up to the lessons learned in life and to let go of fear and old patterns.

For career or goals it is advising that wisdom and timing are important. It is giving you the go ahead and letting you know that you have all the right resources available to step aside of your fears and allow the journey to begin. It is asking you to trust in yourself and the knowledge you have acquired in your learning and life.

In some cases this card is asking you to step out of the young adult mentality of individualism. To look at the group. Selfishness has it’s time and place but a time comes in every ones life to move into community and allow the vulnerabilities to ease as the group becomes important.

Man of cups the unity of expansionGrowth and evolution cannot come about in rigid self protection or solitude.

Love, career, projects, family, wealth do not come about by standing alone. A sense of openness and trust in group and community will bring forward success in all adventures. Community cannot flourish with a sense of single mindedness, the whole needs to be nurtured and cared for.

It’s time to spread your wings and move into the adventures and expansion of the whole. Abundance doesn’t grow from from a particle or a wave alone, it grows when the two are observed, accepted and integrated, which then has the potential to form a whole.

But, above all, to understand the the truth of love and union is joy, freedom and the nurturing there of. As a wise person you will live in this truth and ride this wave with giving and receiving as the foundation, living in fulfillment and grace.



3 thoughts on “King of Cups tarot meaning – surfer

  1. Abundance doesn’t grow from a particle or a wave alone it grows when two observe, accept, integrate which then has a potential to form as whole.

    Very lovely



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