Devil tarot card Meaning Love

The Tarot’s Devil card isn’t all fun and games, or is it?

The poor old Devil always gets a bad rap, why can’t anyone see the nice side of the Devil.  Well, to be honest it could go either way.

Meaningful words: Obsession, addiction, lust, playfulness, temptation, sex, debauchery, overindulgence, trickery, bondage, breaking free, detachment.

devil card tarot meaingThe Devil traditionally is the bad guy, but that  is a religious connotation. It’s true there are unhealthy characteristics, possible addictions and sometimes even cold, mean spiritedness with the Devil.

But, we must not dismiss the good bits, the advantages, the possibility of expansion and growth that such a playful and mischievous character can teach us.

The card depicts a beast sitting in a thrown above two lovers in chains. It symbolises being prisoners of their lust and shameless around pleasure, the devil representing the surrender into addiction, lust, anger and  interpersonal emotional games disguised as love. Here is the real key to the Devil card.

It could also be warning of oppression and bondage. remember the mind can hold us in places that we have outgrown or that are not for our higher interest. Being bound to someone through an old thought pattern is not love. Being bound to someone prevents our hearts and soul from thriving. This card could be asking you to unleash your mental structures so as to move away from a situation that is binding from old thoughts and deep insecurities.

The Devil card could be telling you to take a look at your motives. A warning that you or someone around you may be falling into addictive or abusive behaviours that have the potential for damaging the soul or your life in someway.

It asks you to see beyond the physical joys and look at how you are feeling and if you need to step back and take some time to reflect on your own or someone else’s actions.

devils card tarotSometimes we need to be detached and sometimes we need to fall away from our spiritual righteousness to regain a sense of humanity, a sense of suffering to remind us of our humility or base primal instincts. But, it is never healthy to fall in to the trap of addiction or unhealthy living.

This card is drawing to your attention the possibility that you may be going down the rabbit hole.

It could also be advising you that you or someone you are with, or who is in your environment is not safe. Be warned and take precautions.

Standing aside of the gloom, this card has the potential to be advising that you need to let go and explore your sexuality, that perhaps it is time to move away from strict structures and allow a bit of sexual freedom or exploration. It doesn’t have to be addictive and it doesn’t always mean destruction.

In the Voyager deck (specifically,) it leans towards an acceptance and understanding of the necessity for playfulness and celebrating sexual attraction. Some relationships are sexual in essence. This card can be saying it is ok to go forward with this fun attitude and to not be so serious. On the flip side it could be asking you  to be aware of being too cold or detached in intimate relationships. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the querent.

All in all be wary, allow some fun, but be careful of the temptation to be soulless in a relationship as it may lead to pain and destruction.

There is power in letting go and letting be. Seduction can be wonderful if we use mindfulness, openness and dialogue and a caringness.  We all have a shadow self – this card is accepting of that but warns us to not allow it to be creating our lives from an unconscious weak point. to bring the shadow forward, to confront it and to integrate it into the light.

namaste, Megan

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4 thoughts on “Devil tarot card Meaning Love

  1. Love your Tarot blogs, they are always so on point, what I like the best is that they are unrestricted, with great depth and insight. Great Talent


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