Page of pentacles tarot card meaning

Page of Pentacles tarot card meaning or Child of worlds voyager tarot

Page of Pentacles tarot card meaingIt’s almost 2013 and as so many new emotions, incidents and conscious revelations pass me by, I decided to take a look at the delightful Page of Pentacles (Child of worlds).

The page or child stands atop a mountain, surrounded by lush harvest but intent and focused on the pentacle that is placed solidly upon the hands. Amid the backdrop of a golden light.

Keywords: New skills. Assistance. Job offers. Watchful. Secure. Fascinated. Diligent. Loving.Good financial news. Concentration. Entitlement.

Like a child the page is amid a backdrop of opportunity, the spirit yet untainted and the focus and desire strong and abundant.

The card is traditionally portending to new opportunities and in particular to material gain and finances. It generally refers to a new career, project or monetary adventure in which the querent is about to embark.

It guarantees success and rewards. The significance of  the background of golden light and abundant harvest signifies the history of the project or the past manifestations, desires and attributes that have set the backdrop to the querent arriving at this stage of new adventure.

You may be offered a new job, a contract or an offer of service or money  to fulfill a long term dream or goal.

It can often mean that a project you have been working on for some time is about to take off or that past studies are about to lead to a fruitful fulfilling career opportunity that brings you up close and personal to material gain. It may not bring in the money straight away but it is telling you that the energies and possibilities are abundant.

This card could also be referring to a new study or learning adventure. It suggests that if you have been wanting to study or further grow by way of learning, that now is the right time to begin. All the surrounding influences in your life are correct for this new experience.

child of worlds tarot meaningThere may be fear or seeming obstacles that you are experiencing.

This card is asking you to tap into your child self, the self that has no fear, no knowledge of failure and to leap into your goal with the will and strength that warrants the desire.

In love this card could be about past pains and fears of self, stopping you from moving forward. It may indicate a childlike emotional self that needs to evolve. It is asking you to let go of fear and to open up to your heart and desires and to take that risk.

It is suggesting that regardless of fear of rejection or fear of opening up your heart the situation requires you to step up and open up and the learning experience is one that will allow in necessary growth for the benefit of your emotional self.
If asking about a specific romantic partner it is saying you must allow yourself to follow your heart as the lessons learned will not only fill you with affection and love but will also help you move from the child lover to the adult lover.

There is an experience awaiting you that you are not meant to hide from. An experience that will set the stage for your greater emotional, spiritual and mental growth.

Pay attention to your yearnings, follow them threw and you will be led to the abundance and brightness that life offers.

organic raw vegan pizzaThis card can also be asking you to look at your lifestyle, your diet, your well being and to move into a more mature holistic cycle of self love and well being.

Learning about agriculture, nature, benefits of healthy eating and living. It’s asking you to research into ancient methods, move from your youthful ego and to develop a ripened sense of mental and physical self.

As you learn and grow from nature and raw organic custom both dietary and spiritually you will find a greater balance and energy to fullfil your true dreams.

Moving from child to adult can be a smoother transition if we shed the unhealthy fears and nuisances from our minds, bodies and lives by learning the beauty of nature and our inner selves.

Natural lifestyles, learning, organic raw diet and traditional knowledge can aid in the blossoming from child to wo/man.

For those of you into angels -it’s a little like transforming from a cherub into an angel.



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