Ace of Swords tarot card meaning love

The Ace of Swords tarot card meaning

Truth and brilliance

Success in businessIt’s funny, I’ve just been through a major life crisis and each time I pick up my tarot cards the Ace of Swords (Ace of Crystals – Voyager deck) falls out. But, I thought it meant success? Or is it a double edged sword?

Aces generally adhere to success and affirmative answers. This is true with the Ace of swords, but it can only get there when the truth is told.

We have a hand coming from a dark cloud holding a sword of victory (represented by the wreath on top) and a crown (representing strength of mind), in the traditional illustrations of this Ace.

The cloud represents the muddy mind, untruths, non-realties. But the hand moves out in victory.

This card is definitely a card of victory, but it is suggesting that before victory is acquired hidden truth must emerge. Old patterns must dissipate and new ways must be born.

If things have not joyous and/or fulfilling in the past, this card urges you to move forward by digging deep, looking at past errors and moving from denial and challenging the situation with deep resonating truth.

It asks you to look beyond the ego – heal from past pains. Move away from negative people and situations. Truths will push forward, lies will be uncovered and justice will be served. But, not until the past is dug up, healed and challenged with right action.

The Ace of swords can be specifically suggesting a success in business. A brilliant idea will emerge and must be acted upon. Old problems will fall away as positive action is met with strength and will.

As the crown sits above the wreath of victory it is a clear message that strength of mind and will is required to achieve a successful outcome.

Ace of crystals - voyager tarotIn relationships and queries of love tarot, this card can be suggesting a breakthrough. Depending on the past, the Ace of swords foretells a lovely outcome – either way.

This is not to say that past nuances and dishonesty will not rear their ugly heads; they will. However, the Ace of swords will set you free. If the relationship or person is valuable and viable to you, you can heal and forgive the past and move forward.

If not, it is time to leave. The beauty of this card infers that regardless of the past pains, it is one of victory, so if it is time to walk away, it means things are about to get better in a big way.

This card often presents itself to advise us that although things may seem unsure, pains have arisen or dishonesty has been at the fore of a situation, revealing truths brings about victory, and success and greater abundance are assured – as an outcome.

The Ace of Swords asks us to stare fear in the face and make a leap – if it’s in our best interests. Bravery is called for – we must move from the pulse of our hearts – we are being called to listen to our true hearts call and act. As the saying goes, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” You have a knowing of what must be done. The hard part is the doing of it. The Ace of Swords suggests NOW is the time to take positive action.

Crystals are creations of alchemical forces, transformation and natures gifts. The Ace portends brilliance and higher consciousness.

Allow yourself time to adjust to new information, new ideas and new situations that have potential and you will come out shining like a crystal itself.

Turn lead into gold – Alchemy on a human level is about using the resources of the self, the resources of the higher consciousness to create what is inside you into the best it can be. Go for gold.

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