Best new tarot card deck

Most Beautiful concise new tarot deck I’ve seen in yonks

best new tarot deckI stumbled across this new deck of cards on Llewellyn tarot blog, that resonate so perfectly.

After 15 years of asking and searching for a new deck, I have finally found one.

They are called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms and can be purchased here. By Colette Baron-Reid.

Everything about them is rich and exciting.  The illustrations  are beautiful and inspire wonder.

Even the name of them caresses one with magic

But what really grabbed me was the descriptions that go with each card.

Learning a new deck or learning tarot is the most difficult part.

The script here deems the initial struggle of learning tarot redundant.

Its poetic – in that it weaves a story into the illustration as though you are in the card yourself.

Its concise – in that it uses unpretentious, easy to read verse that explains the illustration like a maestro of words.

Its modern and ancient at the same time –  in that it pulls you into a magic realm of meaningfulness, like a new born baby reincarnated – making you feels like you have been there before.

What is really exciting though is it masters spirit with nature – how fabulous is that in a tool that is meant for healing.

I am so excited to start with these new cards, to delve into them and have them become a part of my life, my tarot life and the journey of realms that are magnificent, healing and full of wonder.

Stay tuned for a few free online tarot card readings, as I begin my practice in the near future (that’s not a prediction). I’m so excited.




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