Galactic alignment 2012 Dec 21

2012 Mayan prophecies and Mayan calender – solar alignment

There is much gaffaw and marketing and rubbish on the Interwebs and in print media about 2012. And well 21.12.12 has a bit of a ring to it, don’t you think?

mayan calender December 21 2012 alignment

Most of it is a part of the capitalist mind mill and should be treated lightly.

However, we can’t deny that the Mayan’s created a calender that predicted this galactic event way before it’s time and that they do live life in accordance with mother nature and the spirit of the land.

And we can’t deny that Western civilisation is destroying the land, the Earth and the people.

On December 21, 2012 @ exactly 11:11 am GMT, the equator of the Milky Way galaxy (Galactic Equator) and the path of the Sun (the Ecliptic) will cross each other.

This is what the Mayan’s were talking about – not the end of the world (but perhaps as we know it). But what does this actually mean?

Mayan calender alingment December 21 2012
solar alignment 2012

The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. The Earth wobbles really slowly on it’s axis shifting the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years.

Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to process through the Galactic equator. It began the process in 1998.

The Mayan’s long count calender predicted this shift.

On December 21, 2012, the alignment will be precisely along the plane of the entire galaxy (as shown in the diagram above). This precession of the equinoxes goes in a complete circle and happens only once every 26,000 years. That has to be significant in and of itself.

The interesting thing about this is that NASA heeds it no value and even points toward it not even occuring.

But, there is accountable knowledge hidden in layers of ancient wisdom and traditions around the world, that suggests otherwise.

pyramidsIt’s noted in Greek sacred tpopraphy, islamic astrology, South American traditions, Christian religious architecture, Vedic and Egytian cosmology, Neoplatonic thought, and Mithraism.

How is it that people and traditions before our time had so much awareness of it but Western scientific society shuns it?

I agree that there will be no dooms day – but we cannot deny the solar influences on our planet and our chemical reactions within our psyche and our solar plexus created by such a phenomenal event. We cannot deny that Mother Nature will not tolerate the destruction of the planet or our galaxy .

According to the Mayans we are entering a new age and as shown in this video we will experience an energetic shift that is to be heeded to help us move away from capitalism, selfishness and greed and towards the laws of mother nature. To look after our planet and the people on it.

The Mayan beleive it may have something to do with the shift towards a more Eastern, or spiritualist, way of life. It’s fascinating how since the shift began in 1999 the Western culture (which historically moves forward with war and battles over land resources and control) has integrated yoga and meditation and has become greatly influenced by the vedic knowledge, the Buddhist traditions and now the Mayan calenders. Furthermore, the European and United Kingdom cultures are re-engaging paganism, tarot card reading, divination and Alchemism.

milky way Galactic alignment Dec 21 2012The Mayan and the Vedics have recorded astrological phenomona and it’s influences on us the people and our planet for centuries. According to traditional doctrines, the earth experiences periods of increasing spiritual darkness and periods of increasing spiritual light.

The Mayan civilization calculated the end a great period of time on December 21, 2012. This will be the end of the “13th baktun” in their Long Count calendar. This involves the precession of the equinoxes. In the years around 2012, the December solstice sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

According to Mayan elders  – For human beings on earth, it is the end of a  period of increasing spiritual darkness. We are going to enter a phase of ascension toward the next age, when spiritual light and consciousness will master the world again.

believe in tarotThey believe the coming galactic alignment is a cosmic event that invites us to grow spiritually. It is a part of the Divine Plan that they could predict way back when… and identifies the time we live in as a time of rare opportunity for our growth.

We see significant proof of this with new age masters moving into mainstream Western culture. People like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and many others, teaching the masses about the fundaments of Eastern philosophies and consciousness practice.With all emphasising meditation.

As shown in this video the scientific and medical communities are starting to discover metaphysics and the importance of meditation and energy and consciousness on our everyday well being.

Let’s not forget the Vedic doctrine of World Ages. The Vedas, from ancient India (the world’s leaders in philosophy and spirituality) The vedic doctrine announces the Kali Yuga as the final age, the age of greatest spiritual darkness, and its end signals the shift to a new World Age.

Various Vedic commentators, identify the galactic alignment of 2012 as the key to the timing of this transition, placing the Vedic yoga doctrine to a real astronomical event.

awakening 2012As we see the influences of the Vedas and gurus effecting our Western society, with meditation and yoga not only becoming household names, but also household practice, we bare witness to a huge opening up of culture, spiritual awakening and deeper understanding of metaphysics, consciousness and spiritual well being.

Hopefully 2012 is about awakening – awakening to our true selves and the energetic foundations that we are based on and the end to de-objectifying of human kind and mother Earth and the beginning of healing.

I suppose as individuals the best we can do is look after those we love and strangers alike, look after our planet and continue to grow in search of our true selves with kindness and compassion at our sides. But, we can also be strong and conscious and be clear about progress by standing up for our rights, in ahimsa.

For some true and honest accounts of enlightenment and awakening in ever day people Buddha at the Gus Pump is an excellent place to start.

I recommend this particular interview to get a good feel of his work  here  with Angela mailander .


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