Interview with a tarot reader Brisbane

An interview with Megan Jackson, tarot healer, intuitive and mother from Brisbane Australia.

There is a wealth of wisdom around us hiding in plain sight, lurking around obvious places and hidden places and many different disguises. We are surrounded by angels who can guide us. I spotted one and had a chat…

Destination Yoga Retreats: Where you born intuitive or was it something you developed? If the former, how did you first discover you were more intuitive than others?

Megan: Intuition is a gift we all have. It is apart of universal knowledge. Some people seem to access it naturally and others tend to need to work on themselves to develop it. If I am in ego mind it is much less accessible.
I did have the gift as a child but was raised in a very strict catholic family and was punished whenever I expressed my intuitive insights, so at a young age stopped sharing them and kept them to myself.
As a young adult I began reading tarot and my intuition again became nurtured. One particular experience when I was 21, it peaked my confidence and curiosity and led me further into study and research on intuitive phenomena. It was in the days before ATM machines were in shops and service stations and I pulled up to a service station and had a vision that I went into the service station shop and went up to the ATM to get money out and found twenty dollars sitting in the ATM.
I told my friend at the time and her response was “that is weird, there are no ATM’s in service stations.” Some three weeks later we went to the same service station and low and behold it now had an ATM machine fitted in it.  I was with the same friend and decided to use the machine and as I approached it, sure enough there was a twenty dollar bill sitting inside.
This experience and experiences like it were random and I had little or no idea at the time what was going on or what it meant. It has taken many years of self realization and meditation to develop my intuition and see that this gift is for a purpose and to be used to help people in one way or another.
Destination Yoga Retreats: How would you suggest busy people develop their intuition and clairvoyance? What should one’s motivation be when learning this skill?
Megan: Meditation. Meditation allows one to let go of mind chatter and therefore connect with their inner self. On the premise that we are an energetic entity – all connected to the one source, this allows us to step closer to the truth. Intuition is always available to us if we are connected to our spirits.
Meditation allows this natural flow. Sitting still for half an hour each night or morning (or both if time allows) is enough to begin the journey of letting go and connecting to the greater self.Nature is also integral to opening up our intuition. Instead of reading a book or watching a T.V. or a movie,  spend time in nature. Any opportunity of spending time in nature will bring about the stillness and the connection required. Specifically take time to look at nature and commune with it.
This is a sure way of bringing your thoughts out of yourself and into a place of quietness and truth, so as to allow energy to release and intuition to come forward. The motivation being to reach stillness and peace in stillness – to connect with the inner self and truth. With inner calmness one can then begin to explore the multi-dimentional probabilities that consciousness offers.
Destination Yoga Retreats: How important is meditation in your spiritual life? What general advice can you give beginners? And more familiar students?
Megan: I have been practicing meditation daily for ten years now. I try to do at least 2 hrs a day, however meditation is required each time I do a healing or tarot card reading and is often now apart of my social self.For beginners I suggest just find a quiet place and making time. To begin just allow yourself to be still and let whatever happen be ok – this is the key. There are many techniques, breathing is the most common and as time goes by breathing deeply can become a part of your everyday and your lifestyle, this allows intuition to come naturally.
As you increase the meditation or as you develop your meditation technique you organically become in tune to your true self and therefore opening up your intuition – the two go hand in hand. Yoga is also an excellent place to begin. Yoga allows us to reach closer to our bodies and our inner selves and to move our chi, which then leads to easier meditation practice.
For more familiar students and beginners too my advice would be to be aware of synchronicities and dreams that take place. These are often signs and signals from the universe directing you closer to inner knowing and consciousness, which helps intuition and healing. As we follow the path we open up more to the energies and opportunities that are abundant in our universe.
Destination Yoga Retreats: In an effort to further develop our spiritual side, what do you suggest our outlook should be towards material possessions and everyday life?
Megan: Material possessions are often an egoistic external want. They rarely fulfill us. I believe to come from the place of compassion and service and to let go of egotistic desires is an excellent start to spiritual realization. Through compassion we realize ourselves and those around us and find the true essence of spirit.
As we do this we see the need for external or material possessions fall away and we often gain clarity on how useless these things are to our fulfillment. Western culture is largely and intrinsically built on ego and marketing and capitalist modalities. Letting go of T.V and the violence and fear based medias is a good place to start.
When we do this we are often left with an emptiness that is ourselves and we can then reconnect through meditation and sound and nature to regain a more true and centered sense of self which leads us closer to consciousness and inner abundance, which then creates an external world of richness and joy.
Destination Yoga Retreats: For beginners who want to learn distant healing, how do we begin?
Megan: Again I would suggest meditation as a necessary beginning to atune to the deeper self. Being in nature, yoga and meditation allow us to reach greater connection with our true and energetic selves. Becoming aware of our chakras and gaining greater understanding of our energy systems. Also going to workshops, healers, teachers in Reiki or energy work or reading appropriate literature can help with this.
Once the awareness is received and a true connection to universal energy is alive consciously then simple techniques can be used. Ethically, I recommend always ask the person you would like to do healing on and usually start with the self.
Distant healing is the transfer of energy (life source energy) from one person to another. It works under the premise that we are more than our physical body. Here is a simple technique for beginners.
Choose a quite place that you can use as your healing sanctuary, stand or sit be very still and go within raise your hands up, with your palms facing outwards. Begin some deep breathing with the intention of raising the vibration of your energy. Using your concentration, visualize a white light flowing from your palms and from your heart centre, which is situated in front of your breastbone.
Then, say a prayer to the universe, asking that you may be used as a channel for healing power to flow through you. You will see or feel energy flowing as a white light, or through you, then say out loud the name of the person who is unwell or has energetic blocks. The energy will flow to that person and you will feel the connection and balance with that persons aura, which will then reflect back onto the physical body.
Let the energy flow for a couple of minutes, Accept that the healing power is that of love and really feel this love and compassion filling you and flowing through you and allow it to transfer toward that person. When you have finished, end with a prayer thank the universe and request the healing of that person. Place the right hand over the left hand in a sweeping motion to achieve attachment. The ritual is complete.
Destination Yoga Retreats: In our everyday life, how can we raise our consciousness and awareness?
Megan: Meditation is the best known means to attain awareness and consciousness. Yoga is beneficial to mediation as is finding time and space for stillness.
Taking time even if it is as little as ten minutes here and there, throughout our busy lives, to be still and let go of our thoughts gives rise to inner connection and therefore awareness and consciousness. Seeking teachings through books or workshops is a way that many find beneficial and as always one thing leads to another.
There are many resources available now through technology, print and within communities. Setting intention is also a great idea. When we set intention the universe hears us and responds accordingly. Upon waking each morning and before going to bed it is useful to set time aside to be still and set intentions for the day or the dream time ahead.
Using a journal to record dreams, synchronicities, intentions and goals is helpful in maintaining the continuity and the focus.
Destination Yoga Retreats: Is it important to have a spiritual guide? What is the role of a spiritual guide?
Megan: I do not think it is necessary for everyone to have a spiritual guide, although I believe many people do and that is just the way for those individuals. Divine dimensions exist and sometimes this is the way it is presented to us on a human level. Through meditation and inner search we can self realize and through this process we will find our true source and the correct journey or teacher will reveal itself to us.
Destination Yoga Retreats: Have you tried yoga postures? How did you find it?
Megan: My understanding of yoga postures is that it began as a practice to attain deeper meditation/yoga – to use the body to achieve meditation. I practice yoga daily. As we are conscious beings in a physical body our body is vital part of ourselves.Yoga poses and practice is a wonderful means to connect with the body, the breath and the self and works to move chi and to create greater potential of the body and therefore the self. I always find I have more energy and am clearer in mind after ayoga practice.Destination Yoga Retreats: Anything else you would like to share?
Destination Yoga Retreats: Anything else you would like to share?
Megan: Meditation and yoga are not a new age phenomena, they are ancient tools that benefit our daily lives and are useful to gaining balance and greater awareness of self and universal love that so many are disconnected from in our material and competitive societies. When beginning yoga/meditation be easy on the self.
Allow whatever happens to be okay and trust that the mind will eventually fall aside and that the true connection with self and energy will create changes to your well being and everyday life and will open up an amazing pathway to a wonderful human experience.

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