Ritual beyond tarot as part of everyday life

Ritual is essential to tarot, but is benefitial to everyday life

All traditions practice ritual. Everybody uses rituals. Rituals provide structure and meaning to our everyday lives.

Ritual can be as simple as sharing a meal together or as complex as gathering elements and creating a ceremonial rites practice based on ancient symbolism and meaning.

Rituals transform something ordinary into something wonderful or sacred.

As we move towards a frenzied, material, capitalist combustion, ritual is becoming an obvious essential part of our well being, connection with other, connection with nature  and more importantly, intimacy with self.

Holistic councillors, psychologists, tarot readers, reiki masters, life coaches, sports coaches, teachers and health practioners worldwide are begining to understand and recommend ritual as an important role in our everyday life.

Univeristies worldwide have acknowleded the importance and social binding of ritual, to the point of major funding being given to study this subject.

“Although I don’t agree with maintream/institutionised learning as it disparages subjectivity and/or intuitive hypothesis, it displays the scale and importance of ritual in our society.” 

The Heidelberg University’s in Germany has developed the  Collaborative Research Centre “Ritual Dynamics”

Recent research by  Scott S. Wiltermuth and Chip Heath of the university of Stanford, has shown that group ritual with intention helps community to work better together as a whole.

In an experimental programme at Oxford University titled ‘Ritual, Community, and Conflict‘ scholars have shown that ritual aids in learning, inner connection and building stronger communities.

We don’t need a university degree to see and feel the benefits of ritual in our everyday life. If you sit down and purposefully conduct a ritual you will feel lighter, more connected, more energetic and posses a greater sense of liberty.

They help us connect to our inner selves, have the potential to create balance, inner peace and a stronger sense of place in the world.

Rituals using earth elements and resources are known to have the most profound effect on us; both for healing and inner peace.

The energies and vibrational conduits in plants, rocks, minerals, sound etc can be catalysts for greater health, inner peace and other phenomen unable to be explained by science or mainstream learning.

Sit in the garden and feel the energy. You don’t need to write paper on it. The sense of balance and flow of energy speaks for itself.

Traditionally earth, fire, water and air are the main elements to use in ritual. When we begin a tarot card reading it is common practice to call upon these life elements.

Crystals, plants and  stones are also regularly used in ritual to induce connection to higher conscience relevant to their vibrations qualities and properties.

Frankincense  is one of the most used resins in ritual (I will be doing an article on this soon). Rose is synonymous  with love as is the tomoato (love fruit)

Here is a wonderful ritual that uses Frankincense and rose crystals

Love healing Ritual – used to heal from past hurts and to open up the energies to bring in more love and peace into your life. Often used as a ritual for community peace. The tomato is specific to romantic love.

Gather your ingredients: – Pure Frankincense, Rose resin, Organic tomato, dried Mugwort (if possible), White candle, 2 x charcoals.

Call upon the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Place all the ingredients together (as shown in opposite diagram) in a cross to represent the four directions of the compass, North, South, East and West. The charcoals on a plate (for safetey) in the middle representing your inner self.

Light the candle, then light one charcoal. Sprinkle on the the frankincense and rose crystals while repeating the incantation ” as you burn so does my heart heal”  – Seven times. Think about the issues of past hurt burning into the atmosphere.

Light the second charcoal and place the dried mugwort onto it with more rose crystals

Repeat the following incantation several times till you feel it in your heart whilst focusing on the candle flames:

“Love surrounds me, I am love, I give love easily, love finds me always (for romantic love add “Bring my true love to me”.  This simple wish is mine to cast, a magic spell to make it last, I close my eyes a little shiver, this wish for me now please deliver”  Close with so mote it be.

Watch the candle for some time and eat the tomato (for romantic love). When you are finished leave the candle to burn out and go about your normal life… The universe had heard your prayers and you should feel light hearted.

Enjoy your life rituals; try to create space each morning or night to have silent ritual, even as simple as spending time being grateful for your day or to create intentions, and your life will begin to flow with balance, meaning and peace.

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