Hanged Man tarot card meaning love

The poor old Hanged Man tarot card doesn’t get a fair go!

Once a upon a time I would feel a certain discomfort when I drew the Hanged Man in a tarot card reading; now I breath deeply and move throw it, realising it may be a good thing – which pretty much sums it up.

hanged man tarot voyager

As with anything else in life, it’s the way we perceive things that create the negative or positive emotions.

The Hanged Man is traditionally about sacrifice, pauses in time, surrender, yielding, suspension and of course letting go.

“At least if you take a risk (driven by the heart) you allow an opportunity to have an experience you may otherwise not have endured; a meaningful experience much greater than any external philosophy or concept or status quo you may be currently resting your laurels on”

This card is about being at a crossroads. We often feel fear, confusion or instability when we are at a crossroads; our society hasn’t taught us how to manage a crossroads or how to be comfortable and still in this period and to seek inner reflection to move through this time.

It is actually a great opportunity to surrender (again we are taught that surrender is not good), to search different options and to see the possibilities that are before us. Surrender is really only about accepting what is inside us and opening up to it and following it through.

Sacrifice has it’s benefits and the Hanged Man can require sacrifice. When we are with a new born we have no choice but to surrender and sacrifice. The pearls of this experience are of the greater human experience, but only if we can step aside of our selfish desires (temporarily) that may not be truly serving; we open up to an entirely new life and sense of bonding through the letting go and the giving.

Spiritually, this card may be asking you to let go old thought patterns that stop your heart from opening to the treasures of life. The deeper richer treasures that embrace community and love on a exponential level. To perhaps even not think through things, to let what ever happens be Ok.

The Hanged Man asks you to let go of all judgements, which in turn can bring in a flow of truer relationships with the world at large.

In love the Hanged Man wants us to pause and reflect. It could be at a crossroads or it could be time to let go. Sometimes with the hanged man it is asking you to surrender. Having a concept of what love should be, how it should look does not serve.

cropped-cropped-tao.jpgSurrender to your true feeling and open up to the person you love and the rewards will flourish. Remember surrendering is a wonderful proposition, it creates space for you and the other person to move forward with a realism and knowledge that previously may have been stunted by self protective resistance.

In work/projects or goals you may find that things have come to a place of rest and there is little movement. What a wonderful time to sit back and assess your acheivements, mistakes and strengths/weaknesses and draw upon them to work out a new plan of action. Often it will be as simple as something that you once dreamed about is no longer your true passion and needs to go, let go.

Financially this may be a time for you to take a break from stringent methods. Release some of your money, stop holding onto it, let it flow.  Find new ways of using the money you have as the old ways are no longer sustainable for growth.

The Hanged Man wants you to experience liberty. Sacrifice and surrender are often the precursors of freedom. Fall into the sacrifice of love, surrender to the passions of your heart, then let go and go with flow.

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