learning to read tarot cards – tips

I want to learn to read tarot cards but I don’t know where to begin?

Divination with tarot is both a natural connection to higher laws/self and an understanding of the meaning of the cards.

So there are two important things to consider when starting out with sincere tarot.

One is being centred, connected to higher self and two is having the right deck for you. Each person responds to different illustrations and descriptions.

Step 1: The most important thing to consider when starting tarot is finding the right tarot deck for you! 

“When I first started doing tarot 20 odd years ago, I used a normal playing card deck, drew a circle and created meanings that came to me from each card. This took a few hours but afforded me a deep personal connection with the cards – I used the Rider Wait booklet to help me assimilate the major arcanas and as references also – the readings were startlingly accurate.”

Step 2: learn the illustrations meaning and become familiar with the tarot cards

After finding the right tarot cards (often they find you, once you set the intention), I recommend dedicating time each day to find a quiet space and ponder, learn and commune with the cards. The interwebs provide a rich source of information onthe tarot meanings and often decks come with descriptions. This is good but it is also important to get a ‘feeling’ of each card.

Using a journal or diary to record the meaning and the understandings acquired is a good way of entrenching the meanings into the psyche. Most decks have illustrations that come from ancient teachings or possess mystic or mythological meanings; it is good to familiarise yourself with these meanings; reasearching and getting a greater sense of the meanings is quite fun.

Get into the practice of asking your guides to help. This may not be your style but it can’t do any harm

Step 3: learn the tarot card spreads

After sometime you will feel you have a connection or understanding of the cards and you can now start to introduce spreads to your practice. The most simple and easy to follow spread is the three card spread – past, present and future.

Sit in a quiet space and shuffle the cards – you can have a question or leave it open – each person has a different way – the cards will always tell you what it is you need to know – so don’t worry too much about this. Shuffle the cards with a quiet mind, stop when you feel you have had enough.

Again people do this part differently – find your own way – the more confident and comfortable you are, the more connected to spirit you will be. You can split the deck in two or three and choose a pile – or you can pull from the top – this is my preferred way – as I trust the cards are placed exactly as they should be.

There are many spreads: 3 card spread, 5 card love spread and the celtic cross are the most common. It depends on what the quernet is looking for. The interwebs are an excellent resource of information on spreads. I prefer the old fashioned way, so I used a book or sometimes I create my own. Feel your way through this stage. I recommend spending sometime with the Celtic Cross spread (after the 3 card spread) as it is a comprehensive and throrough reading and helps you get a good grip on the way the tarot works.

Step 4: pratice the tarot reading with freinds

A really good way to start once you have familiarised yourself with the cards and the spreads is to begin practicing on friends you feel comfotable and confident with.  Let them know you are still learning and that you may still need to refer to the books or resources. Try as much as you can to go with your gut feeling.

Often thoughts will pop into your head – just say them out loud, be sincere. Practice using gentle considerate language. Remember tarot gets into the heart of the issue and can be confronting at times. It’s also a healing tool so use your discretion and a soft gentle approach will open both parties up to something beautiful.

Enjoy the journey – tarot will open you up to a whole new world of connectedness and magic. 

tarot card reading


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