Wheel of Fortune tarot meaning love

Wheel of Fortune tarot card

I’m going for the Wheel of Fortune tarot card for the impending November 14th solar eclipse

Eclipses always bring change – often creating a process that is inevitable, lasting up to six months.

The Wheel of Fortune depicts karma, good luck, change, destiny, synchronicity, surprises and good fortune.

I like the Wheel of fortune for this solar eclipse because symbolically it is governed by the four signs of stability and strength that create a grounding and solid footing amid change and progress.

With ancient alchemical symbols of mercury, water, sulphur and salt (the essential elements in life) right in the center of a spinning wheel we can predict changes that are full of fortune that are in harmony with the laws of nature.

Anything no longer required will fall comfortably and will create opportunity for a better position in life.

This solar eclipse is a total eclipse and will bare powerful energies that will be irreversible, but effectively will tide good fortune.

The wheel of fortune in love usually predicts an emotional charge or change in a relationship. If a relationship ends it does so peaceably with all parties being accepting and amicable. If it is a new relationship it signifies a change for the better.

A new person may come into your life that will create major life changes and always provide you with a more intimate and fulfilling promise.

In relation to work, projects and goals often this card portends a significant boost in business. A new person with fresh ideas or financial support may enter into the scene or new ideas come through that should be followed through as they will possess fortuitous gain.

Money will be flowing, it is very possible someone will offer you money out of the blue – accept all offerings of benevolence, as with this card only good can prevail.

Sometimes with the wheel of fortune you may experience an inner change. Positive changes will take place from a deeper level which will in effect create a greater outer experience.

This card asks you to celebrate all your good fortune, to show those you love with actions and to create changes that are long overdue.

If you possess a secret admiration for someone now is definitely the time to express it. The outcome will be full of richness, reciprocal love and abundant opportunity for celebration.

Take a plunge, spread your wings and lap up the good fortune that is yours for the taking.

warm blessings


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One thought on “Wheel of Fortune tarot meaning love

  1. Reblogged this on Counselling tarot blog and commented:

    I’m choosing the Wheel of Fortune tarot card to work with for this Solar eclipse. This article is from Nov 13 2012 eclipse, which is interesting because this eclipse happening now is kind of a moving on from that time. New beginnings and lovely love energies abound


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