Tarot and satsang together as healing

Tarot and satsang together as healing, who’d of thought?

What a brilliant idea, uniting East with the West for the sake of healing.

Originating in India, Satsang (Sanskrit – Sat meaning truth – sang meaning communion) is a gathering of people to discuss matters of the heart and the world often lead by a master or teacher.

Sometimes Satsangs are a place for seekers to unite through music, meditation, and wisdom to experience a higher state of consciousness. Regardless of how a satsang looks, how it operates it’s fundamental purpose is for healing.

Tarot, a divination tool originating from Italy , is a deck of cards that is illustrated with meaningful symbolism to help guide and give insight into life’s queries and to see future potentials. If a person is in tune with thier intuition or is connected to universal energies  they are also able to use the tarot as a form of prophetic insight. Regardless, the tarot’s main purpose is also to help heal.

Facts aside, recently I held a satsang with the intention of letting what happen be, no plans, just a group of people together being in what ever was happening for them at the time. Often with satsang someone will have a question for the teacher to answer with wisdom and philosophical insight. It’s usually powerful, accurate and so deeply rich with natural law that it is difficult to disagree with.

I answered the question and saw a look of overwhelm remaining in the querents eyes. I happened to have my tarot with me and requested the person draw a card. The beauty of this is the cards drew upon the essence of the query. The message elaborated on the information involved and gave a more personal direct insight to the situation.

Altough we had meditated and had a clear centeredness, the tarot gave a richness and deeper clarity, that not only enhanced the wisdom and advise of the satsang teaching but also gave a truer, deeper understanding of the querents potential and most likely outcomes.

You could almost see the healing as the querent’s entire being softened from truth and greater knowledge.

We now conduct our satsangs with the tarot cards at the ready, but still like to draw upon inner knowledge and reflection of inner wisdom and connection with universal energies that are always available and ever healing in and of themselves.

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