Ten of pentacles tarot card meaning

Ten of pentacles tarot card meaning

Ten of Pentacle: Wealth, inheritance, success, rewards, opulence

Guaranteed success or a financial gain is imminent when this tarot card comes up in a reading. It is more often than not a positive omen. In particular physical security is assured.

The ten of pentacles represents tradition and family. Security is often financial in our modern society and this card shows a time of retiring into the sharing and enjoyment of family and the riches of the hard work over the years.

It represents strong bonds, team building and rightful foundations – If you query is in relation to a goal or project it would surely indicate that the foundations are strong and the energy of team spirit and collaboration will secure the good prospects of the outcome.

In relation to work it would attribute to a well earned or even surprising rise in pay or some kind of advancement. For those that have been studying it assures that a position in your chosen field is imminent and that you will reap the rewards of  your learning.

In love this card can mean that someone of great standing or financial maturity will enter your life (depending on the position), or is currently in your life. It could also be saying that if you are in a committed relationship it is about to move to the next level. For the unattached it indicates that someone charming may come into your life and spin your life around.

ten of pentaclesIf you have been having health issues the Ten of Pentacles portends to a beneficial recovery and or someone providing wealth of knowledge that can help with the illness.

This card, on a deeper spiritual level suggest that things may be prosperous for you at the moment and it is asking you to be aware of how you share you prosperity and wealth. It is asking you to look carefully at how you are managing your wealth and to be sure to create right action around it. Sharing your wealth of knowledge or materials is a strong message in this card.

All in all this card portends to prosperity but asks you to wise about how you use it and are in the world with it. Share the joys with your family and those closest to you.

warm blessings


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