Mugwort Artemis Vulgaris

Good ol sailor’s tobacco…

I am harvesting my mugwort:

Botanical name: Artemisia vulgaris

Some common names: Mugwort, Sailor’s Tobacco, Moxa, Traveler’s Herb, Artemis Herb, Felon Herb, Muggons, Old Man, Cingulum Sancti Johannis, St. John’s plant.

Magic herb: Mugsworts is an ancient metaphysical medicinal plant used for dreaming, psychic tuning, energy clearing and also for grounding.

According to ancient tradition, when carrying Mugwort you cannot be harmed by poison, wild beasts or sunstroke.

Magical uses include: Strength, astral projection, divination, often placed under the pillow to induce prophetic dreams. 

Known to grow along street sides in Scotland Mugwort is said to be a protector of the traveller (hence the name Taveler’s Herb. It used to be used to flavour beer but was replaced by hops and was used in a Chinese acupuncture technique of moxibustion.

With a spicey Lavender smelling leaf, Mugwort is a a robust sturdy plant and can grow wildly in the correct climate – it is considered an invasive weed by the less witchy poo inclined and will reseeed itself if you let it flower.

As always ths herb has wonderful healing properties used for spleen, kidney, liver  cleansing, and as a culinary additive or as a tea – also used to calm the nervous system. The Japanese and some Hawaiians use it to flavor rice cakes, and it’s used as a culinary herb in Korea and Europe.

Mugwort Dream tea

1 tbsp mugwort

1 tbsp chamomile

1 tbsp rose petals

2 tbsp peppermint

Makes 1 teapotful. You mustuse boiling water, as well as to add sweetener, because mugwort is very bitter.


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