King of cups tarot meaning love

King of cups tarot card meaning

Synchronicity showed it’s magic face again this morning as the King of Cups  fell from my deck, whilst I was doing a clearing with the sage smudge stick that I made with yesterday’s post.

I am glad the Sage of Cups (traditionally the King of Cups) fell from my tarot deck this morning because it is essentially the card of courage and openness of the heart.  And we all know by now how much I love and the strength in love.

King of Cups keywords: romanticism, dreams, emotions, love, wisdom, truth.

You are a regenerator, as the card suggests; as you use your emotions inventively, creatively, which evolves into progressive proactive vitality. You are brave but gentle in your emotional life which creates a progressive drama free external life . You are warm and have open arms as you are not coming from a self-centered ambition but a more universal openness.

In a tarot card reading  the Sage suggests command or mastery of emotions. This does not mean blocking things, pushing things aside and moving on as most Western culture cultivates in emotional life. It means allowing your emotions, acknowledging them, feeling, understanding them so as to be able to make appropriate action.

The King is here to remind you that yes whatever you are feeling is valid and yes you should move from it – with practical action.

The King or sage is wise. The Sage has knowledge passed down from traditions and generations, insight, intuition and know how. True knowledge, not textbook knowledge but wisdom of the heart. As the king is attuned to the heart, all actions will be based on a deeper understanding and will be correct actions; regardless of supposed outcome.

The beauty of this Sage is even though they may be hurt or knocked down, wounded they will see the emotional or physical injury as a blessing and will not shut their heart off because of it. They will face it.

If this tarot card is pulled in a tarot card reading, it may be telling the querent to continue with openness and trust and to not shut off their hurt because of one particular incidence or injustice but to let it heal with openness and take action with the heart still open; even if this is in hurt. We cannot heal if we do not allow our emotions to resolve. Moving on too quickly can keep the the situation internalised like a cancer.

Also as a wise seeker of wisdom the King of cups could be asking you to do some research regarding the situation. If it is occupation or project related the card may be suggesting you need to do some more study but accurate study.

If it is relation to love the card may be asking you to study your attitudes around the person or situation. To look at why you feel the way you do, why you have conducted yourself the way you have and what the attraction is about on a deeper level. The Sage asks you to do this to heal genuinely, to grow and to act accordingly; always with truth of your heart.

king of cups loveThe King of Cups is a truth card, so it may be suggesting that the truth will help heal. Take action, communicate and reveal the truth with openness. It is saying ‘don’t run away from what is in your heart’ because it will not change, it will not go away, it will just energetically transform into further emotional pain and possibly disease and ailment.

This card may be portending to a message being received very shortly to give you a clear idea on how to proceed forward with your query.

In love this cards often is about stepping back in time – looking over yr past relationships and seeking from them. It can mean going back to  an old relationship to find closure or heal and in some cases to reunite (this depends on the cards surrounding). It may be asking you to look at old hurts and see how they are effecting your current relationship. Maybe you are recreating patterns or the person you are with is resurfacing old patterns.

If you are single it may be advising that someone from your past will reappear. It is asking you to be strong and open. It may be a test of growth, to reflect where you are at now.

The King of cups is fundamentally a loving and open person. So this card if often depicting that in your life. That the person you are meant to be with upholds these qualities. Or they are coming into your life. They are trustworthy, warm and loving.

king of cups tarotIn relation to work and projects it is often asking you to re-evaluate, go over the past and see what you could have done differently. Perhaps what you are seeking is right in front of you and has just been missed. Research could be necessary or seeking outside help.

Spiritually this card is depicting an awakening or help from universal sources. This can come from a person who is awakened, a teacher or a wise person from your past. Or it could be messages from the outer sources. It is asking you to look, to seek knowledge that is inside you. Listen to your heart.

So go, be open, express your heart by feeling it and understanding it first – use your resources both internal and external – communicate your truth –   share it and soar…

Namaste, Megan

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