Fool tarot card meaning love


The foolish fool?

No, not necessarily. This card is gorgeous as it is the card of the jester traditionally. It also, is imaging a person filled with vision, wonder, excitement and questions. A person with their bags packed but with little in them, enough to carry their own weight alone, the fool is off on a journey. .

The issue though is that if the fool doesn’t see the cliff in front of them they are likely to fall over. This card asks the querent to pay attention to where they are going before it’s too late? To look at others and not be too internal or self focused – to look beyond themselves..

Originally the fool wears ragged clothes and is disheveled. This is not necessarily to be taken literally as a poor foolish person. This can reflect a ‘poverty consciousness’ and may be asking the querent to look inner and to see if this is so – to take note of ones thinking and to ensure one is not acting from a place of negativity or lack.

The fool has the opportunity for new beginnings but is asked to look and make the correct path based not on fear or ragged thinking but on what is right and good for the fools heart. Also as a jester, the fool, if they make the right choice, has the potential to make merry and bring joy and goodness to those around them.

The fool is about making wise choices being brave and taking risks.In love the Fool card is asking you to look closely at a situation. Are you rushing in? What are your motives?

The fool card is generally about new beginnings. So in love it would indicate that a new romance is coming in or has just begun. As a risk taker the fool says go for it – if your spirit is excited alive by the new person – but it also says remember you goals, remember your motives, remember your innocence.

The fool is in a fun stage of their journey they may not be ready for meaning and commitment in relationship. Be careful, go slow, Fools rush in.

There is mystery in this card – it is the first card of the major arcana – the very beginning of the journey. The fool gives us a sense that the magic is about to begin and it is, but it also indicates a learning period, a period of growing up. It reminds us that we do not know which way the relationship will go. We still have much to enjoy and learn. Take a new relationship slowly. Ensure it is about fun and developing a relationship.

foole tarot loveIf in a relationship the fool card could simply be reminding you to enjoy each other, where is the fun? Has the relationship become too serious? You have an opportunity with the fool to re-ignite earlier passions and closeness by making time to enjoy life and let some burdens go. Life and love is enriched by pleasure. When was the last time you took your love on a date, on a holiday or even just had some time having fun?

In some cases the fool card can literally mean you are fool if you stay. It depends on the surrounding cards.

Spiritually the card is about innocence and heeding that an adventure is about to begin – you will be going through a stage of new beginnings and challenges. You feel ready and there is an excitement about life. the fool is about walking away from the past and moving into a truer self. Some important decisions are being made or have to be made.

The fool card is saying go forward. Don’t miss important opportunities. Take a risk, it will be worth it. The fool reminds us that life is meant to be fulfilling and happy both with love relationships, goals and the way we live.

Are you the fool or the jester? Are you going on the right or best track – are you being clear and true to yourself? Jump in and take the plunge on whatever is holding you back and the fun will begin.

Warm blessings


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