Magician tarot card meaning love


The lovely Magician card excites me in a tarot card reading and leaves me wondering in a delightful and assured way.

The magician is a being that uses energies and resources to turn a situation or an opportunity into anything they want or need. This is a wonderful place to be and this card is letting you know tha

t you have the ability to achieve or have whatever it is you wish for.

Magic is literally happening. Go out and grab life and love by the horns.

Remember though, the magician has integrity and good wishes for all. This is the true beauty of the magician, they work in a field of goodness, joy and for betterment. This card may be asking you to look at how you are conducting your magic (yourself) and gives you guidance towards a progressive way of approaching your desires whilst remaining altruistic.

Magicians are also skilled and self confident. They possess wisdom more so than knowledge and knowledge more so than idle desire. They have surpassed the ego which therefore allows their path to be a fluid and fruitful one. The magician uses all situations (perceivably) good or bad to the benefit of absolute potential and see’s all situations as an opportunity for growth, richer meaning and openings.

The magician moves forward, has access to the future, as the magician is creator of the future. This card asks you to spin your magic with awareness and wisdom and substance. The magic will pass, will wane if used idly.

The magic will grow and perpetuate if put forward with gentle strong communication and wise thoughts and caring touches. The card suggests that all is possible. But, use your good will and the path will be sustainable and abundant.

If you have asked about a romantic wish – let the magic in you come out, embrace your beauty and share it openly and the winds of celestial cupids will blow your way. The skies will open and your heart will be beating with excitement and fervour.

Love ritual spellsTry to stay grounded, place your feet on the ground firmly, as this has the potential to be a long enduring and loving companionship. Use your wisdom and solid communication and strength to go slow and devour the riches. For the magic is happening and the person you have just met or are about to meet may very well sweep you off your feet.

If you are already in a relationship the Magician is reminding you of beginner’s mode. Go back to the initial passion, trace the beginning of the relationship for clues of how to ignite or re-energise the love. Seek the inner resources and earlier intentions and rebirth them from within.

You have an opportunity to re-ignite the love and passion. If the relationship is of value to you, you are being given a chance to regenerate and move even closer to a more intimate and deeper love. Drop the ego, move towards the language of the heart and re-establish your desires, needs and wants. Use the wisdom you have acquired over the years to create a more loving and open love.

If you are talking about a personal goal or professional or social goal this card reminds you that magic is happening, That the skies are out there working for you. All you have to do is believe and communicate and indulge this belief with action and the prospects are wonderful and fulfilling.

Magicians also use tools and resources from nature. This card asks you to look at your resources, look inner, look at your own self and the magic is already happening. Remember to use your wisdom, tools and spirit and all will be yours as it should be.

The Magician and alchemy are closely linked in history – Alchemy is an art/science that goes well beyond the idea of turning lead into gold. It is also a deep meaning science/art of connecting the outside world with the inside world. The macrocosm with the microcosm. Allowing your true self – your inner magician –  to come out will help the situation turn into ‘gold’.

warm blessings


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