Page of cups tarot love

Page of Cups Tarot

Saturn has been building challenges in our house of relationships for 2 yrs now – things are about to shift. I for one am pleased. I pulled the Page of cups which I feel explains this transition well.
 In the tarot the child or page of cups is traditionally auspicious for new adventures – I love it.  The page is holding a cup and a fish appears and talks to the page, symbolising a message of a new chapter or an opening for new creativity and imagination.
Specificly, in reference to creativity, this card can be asking you to look at your current situation creatively; you may need to be more open to ideas or you may need to bring in a creative perspective to improve your goal or relationship.
Cups are often about love and so this card is even more exciting as it portends a new romance, new energies and the begining of self transformation around who you are in relation to love.
Old ways must leave. If you have been in an unfulfilling or no-end relationship, hold on to your hat because the universe is about to throw all manner of marvelous opportunities for true intimate and playful love your way. As this is a light card it usually doesn’t indicate much heartache as the old ends. It is time and you are excited to throw yourself into a new you and a new world.
With new experiences and growth the subconscious mind opens up also – so this card is asking you to pay attention to dreams and synchronistic encounters, significant people and events . Being open to the unexpected, sometimes bizarre impulses and creative insight is a common element of the page of cups – it wants you to respond and grow and indulge a greater sense of risk and openness.
Perhaps your old relationship is stale or you are stuck on a goal that no longer serves you – stay tuned and open to newness and universal phenomena – act on a hunch.
Often the page of cups tarot card portends a surprise message from a loved one and in particular a surprise message from a stranger or someone you do not know well.
Go for it – to get to know someone is a challenge but is also exciting – the card is saying it is ok to open up and allow the awe and wonder of a new love to take you to some place new, some place that is you, but which you have never explored.
You may be emotionally moved or hightened emotions may be prevalent but this can be a wonderful thing and helps you grow past your fears around vulnerability and past hurts – it is time to fly and embrace the beauty of passion and love.
The page does not suppress innate emotional and intuitive power and is therefore free to explore spirit and imagination, free to dream wonderful dreams and to create life exactly as chosen. The page of cups is daring you to be courageous, emotional, alive and embrace romance and love to its fullest… go fly, be free.

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